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The Organic Factory is a supplier of raw materials for handmade soaps & cosmetics. Over the years, we have helped many people overcome the challenges of creating unique soap recipes, thereby moving the formulation of soap from the beginner’s level to the professional.

We offer more than just products and ingredients but also provide research and consulting services too. If you need any help in selecting a product or in finding a unique ingredient for your formulation, we can help you.

About Our Products

A supplier of specialty ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries. We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of both formulators and manufacturers.

Unlike most specialty ingredient suppliers who have minimum orders, we offer you the capability to purchase the exact quantity you need.

My story

Ms. Geeta Balani

Founder / CEO

Geeta is a passionate cosmetic formulator with more than 3 years of experience in cosmetic formulation and concept development. She has been working with and consulting manufacturers of finished products as well as cosmetics raw materials providing them with concepts and formulations.

At The Organic Factory, she develops concept, formulations and test methods mainly for organic and natural cosmetics and provides artisan manufacturers with know-how, concept, test methods and A-Z of natural cosmetic business as well as cosmetic specialty ingredients in small scale

Why to Deal With Us?

Here we are with a small but efficient team, not only supplying our customers with the most innovative ingredients in organic and natural cosmetics but helping them in their formulations as well as product development and design. Each month, we provide hundreds of students and formulators with natural preservatives, innovative emulsifiers, plant extracts, oils, butter, and active ingredients, publish sample formulation and answer their technical questions via our communication channels and social media. We are proud to have repeat customers around the world India and UAE. building a long-term relationship with our customers and becoming involved in their product designs and upcoming projects.

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